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Are you excited to start getting fit, strong or lean? Great. We’re here to help you get on track. Feel free to ask us any questions using the contact form at the end of this page. 

About Fit For Free

Fit For Free is here to help you to make the most out of your work-out and create a work-out habit. Getting fit is all about you having fun, hitting your goals and challenging yourself. This is what’s going to keep you coming back to the gym. Now, are you eager to get healthy and stay fit? Simply treat yourself to one of our very affordable subscription plans. You are seriously close to getting some great results.

I want to know more about:

Onbeperkt fitness bij al onze clubsUNLIMITED FITNESS

Build your own workout routine at any of the Fit For Free clubs

A Fit For Free membership gives you access to exercise at any of our 95 clubs. Do you prefer to fly solo and exercise by yourself? We offer unlimited fitness and training such as circuit and functional training. You’ll have no trouble hitting the gym after work or early in the morning thanks to our extended opening hours. This is what we can offer you: 

  • Unlimited fitness: build your condition and strengthen your muscle mass
  • Circuit training: train your entire body using a circuit
  • Functional training: use your own body weight to perform highly effective exercises
  • FunXtion: functional training at every level. Get started in the FunXtion zone.

Live groepsfitnessGROUP CLASSES

Rather work out in a group?

Do you prefer working out in a group? We totally understand, it’s fun and exciting!

  • Choose one of our many live or virtual group fitness classes.
  • Work out on your own or in a group in the FunXtion zone.
  • Or join one of our small group workouts, such as 15-minute abs.

Lost? Don’t worry, we’re always around to assist

Is this your first time at the gym? No worries, as there is always a Fit For Free team member around to help. And our Fit Start introduction program is free with every subscription. You’ll find your way around the club in no time! Fit Start enables you to build up a workout routine within just 13 weeks.

Treat yourself to Fit Start:

  • Perfect way to get to know your club;
  • A great way to make exercise a habit;
  • Free of charge with all subscritions


We’d like to help you choose what’s right for you

Fit For Free offers affordable fitness subscriptions to help you to maintain your workout routine. Wondering which program is right for you? We’re happy to tell you which subscriptions are best suited for you and your wishes. We don’t want you paying for services you hardly use.

Fit ZelfFit ZELF (Solo fitness)

Offers you unlimited fitness at all our clubs.

Perfect for when you:

  • Want to get fit, work out alone and only pay for what you use
  • Are a busy bird and would like to visit our club whenever it’s convenient to you

19,99 per 4 weeks – Comes with free Fit Start Introduction

Free exercise till January and no registration fee

Fit GroepFit Groep (Group fitness classes)

Offers you unlimited group fitness classes at all our clubs.

This is ideal for you when:

  • You are looking to maintain your regime by working out together
  • You’re not interested in regular fitness (and do not want to pay for it)
  • You want the ability to choose between various fun workouts

19,99 per 4 weeks – Comes with free Fit Start Introduction

Free exercise till January and no registration fee

Fit VrijFit Vrij (Fit free)

The freedom to exercise where, when and with whomever you want

Suits you:

  • If you want the flexibility and freedom of regular fitness and group fitness classes
  • If you want to visit any of our clubs for a competitive price
  • If you prefer to bring a friend on a regular basis (anytime you want)

24,99 per 4 weeks – Comes with free Fit Start Introduction

Free exercise till January and no registration fee

Fit ZekerFit Zeker (Fit for sure)

Everything you want, with excellent guidance.

Perfect for you if:

  • You’d love unlimited access to fitness and group fitness classes at all our clubs
  • Want to bring a friend (anytime you want) or the option to pause your subscription
  • You’d like some extra support: personal training with a periodic evaluation

29,99 per 4 weeks – Comes with free Fit Start Introduction

Free exercise till January and no registration fee

This subscription is only available on a limited number of clubs. Please contact your preferred club to see if Fit Zeker is available.​

Ready to join one of our 95 clubs in the Netherlands?

As a member, you’ll have access to any of our 95 Fit For Free clubs - with just one membership. You choose where and when is convenient for you. No matter which Fit For Free gym you choose, our team is excited to help you get started. Ready to become super fit? Join us!

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